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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to be affiliated with a business or corporation to have tests done by Niche?
A: No. Niche conducts tests for private homeowners as well as for large businesses and governmental organizations. If you have any further inquires, feel free to call us at 1 (914) 288-0805.

Q:  What are your qualifications?
A: If you would like to see more about our qualifications and certification, please visit our "Clients & Qualifications" page.


Q: Why do I have to do air monitoring for asbestos?

A: In the United States, asbestos is one of the most heavily regulated pollutants and the National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants requires that all construction and demolition sites be tested for asbestos before renovation begins. While this law does not apply to residential homes, it is still a good idea to test homes for the presence of asbestos in order to ensure the safety of all occupants.

Q: Do I need to worry about all types of mold or just black mold?

A: Black mold is not the only kind of hazardous mold. With over 100,000 identified species of mold, and thousands of unidentified species still out here, all molds are potentially dangerous. If you know of the presence of mold in your home or business, the best course of action is to get it tested.  After all, it's better to be safe then sorry.


Q: What are the most common Indoor Air Pollutants

A: Radon, mold spores, carbon monoxide, nitrous oxides, sulfur dioxide, suspended particles, tobacco smoke, asbestos, volatile organic compounds (VOC's), and lead dust are all types of indoor air pollutants that can be potentially harmful to your health. It is important to test your indoor air quality in your home or workplace in order to ensure that the air does not contain any of these contaminates especially after large construction projects.


Q: What is a conflict of interest?

A: A conflict of interest comes into play with businesses that do both testing and remediation of hazardous sites. Because these businesses are expected to make money off the remediation process, the tend to give bias or exaggerated results that promote remediation. Here at Niche, we are a testing and consulting firm and we do not do remediation processes of any kind. With us, you are guaranteed to get accurate and real results with no bias.


Q: Should I test the water in my home or business?

A: It is always a good idea to have your water tested, especially if people drink from that water regularly. Water can contain high volumes of contaminates like lead, pesticides, or harmful bacteria that cannot be seen with the naked eye. The only way to know if these pollutants are present in your water is the have it tested. Here at Niche, we can test your home or business' water for  any types of dangerous pollutants and give you unbiased advice as to how to mitigate the problem.


Q: Why do we test soil quality?

A: Soil is a living breathing system. While it is composed of a mixture of rock particles such as silt, clay, or sand, it is also home to a host of bacteria. These bacteria are vital to the natural cleansing of water as well as to plant nutrition and health. The soil around your home or business can also become home pollutants like lead, pesticides, and fecal matter. All of which can all have serious negative health implications. Therefore, It is important to keep this soil healthy and free of pollutants that can impact the natural cycles of these bacteria. By testing your soil, we can identify any possible contaminated you may have and offer you advice on how to go about the remediation of your soil.