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Niche's field and office personnel have worked resourcefully with clients in a wide variety of disciplines in order to provide exceptional customer service. Our clients have derived from a mixture of well respected professional backgrounds including construction professionals, Real Estate professionals, Schools Construction and Maintenance professionals, as well as New York City and New York State professionals that are responsible for environmental and industrial hygiene and individual domestic clients. 

NICHE's field professionals are responsible for conducting environmental and industrial hygiene monitoring and sampling. Our personnel have had the opportunity to specialize in performing tests such as asbestos, lead, polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB's), volatile organic compounds (VOC's), dust, confined space gases, mercury, mold, and many other types of hazardous material. NICHE's staff members are well trained, certified, and licensed individuals that are experienced in the field of project/air monitoring, building inspection, surface/subsurface soil sampling, surface water (storm, lake, ocean, sewer, or discharged water) and groundwater sampling. NICHE's environmental and industrial hygiene professionals preform: 

  • Project / Air Monitoring
  • Environmental Site Assessment (Phase I & II)
  • Asbestos / Lead / Mold Investigation
  • Indoor Air Quality Survey
  • Soil / Subsurface Soil Investigation
  • Spill / UST Closure
  • Multi Gas Monitoring
  • Non-potable Water Monitoring

(NOTE: Tests are not limited to the ones described below, please contact us for more information on additional tests.) 

Asbestos Testing 

Asbestos is a a naturally-occurring fibrous mineral. While it was previously used in older homes as insulation or siding, asbestos has become a well recognized health risk and can be cause severe lung damage if inhaled. Since asbestos fibers are to small to be seen with the naked eye,  our certified professionals will be able to assist you in locating any areas which may contain asbestos. 


Lead Testing

Lead is a naturally occurring heavy metal that exists in small amounts in earth's crust and can be found in the pipes and solder of older homes. If ingested, lead can pose seriously health risks in both adults and young children. Here at Niche, our trained specialists can test your home's water for the presence of lead in order to ensure safe and clean drinking water for your family. 


Mold Testing

Mold is an extremely common problem that many homeowners face. Dangerous mold spores are often found in damp, dark places and can cause health problems for many individuals with asthma, allergies, or other respiratory conditions. Our certified professionals are experienced in all of the ways in which to test for the presence of potentially harmful mold spores.


Water Testing

​Water is one of the basic needs for human survival. While we may need water to survive, it can also be potentially harmful to us if it contaminated with pollutants or hazardous materials. Here at NICHE, we work to ensure that our clients have access to clean and pollutant-free water by testing for water contaminants such as lead and other heavy metals that can be harmful to human health. 


Multi-Gas Monitoring

Multi-gas monitoring is the process of testing the air around pipes and tanks to insure that there are no leaks or cracks in pipes from which gas can escape. Our certified professionals can help to insure the integrity of your pipelines and tanks. 


Soil Testing

Soil is one of the most valuable environmental resources on earth. If soil is contaminated with high amounts of nitrates, phosphates or other pollutants, it can have negative impacts not only our lives, but on the ecosystem in which it exists. In order to prevent the contamination of our soil, our trained professions as NICHE can preform various tests that analyse and insure the quality of soil.


Radon Gas Testing

Radon is a naturally occurring gas that is produced as a by-product of uranium and radium decay. Radon gas can be found in the bedrock of many urban and suburban locations and often accumulates in the basements of homes. While radon is tasteless, colorless, and odorless, it can pose serious threats to human health if inhaled. Our trained professionals at NICHE can aid in detecting if radon is a danger in your home.​


Air Quality Testing

Air quality in a home or business can be negatively affected in many ways. Poor ventilation, lack of fresh air, or exposure to harmful chemicals can decrease the indoor air quality (IAQ) in your home or business. Our professionals at Niche are here to help determine if the air in your home or business contains any potentially harmful chemicals or materials. 


Environmental Site Assessment (Phase I & II)

Phase I and Phase II are different steps to a process called Environmental Site Assessment. Phase I involves the complete inspection of a location of interest. This includes reviewing any important records and documents, interviewing the home or business owners, and talking with local government officials and agencies. If a site is determined to by contaminated by some hazardous material, then Phase II must be conducted. Phase II includes the sampling and laboratory testing of  any possible contaminated areas in order to determine a plan of action. Here at NICHE, we are equipped with the staff, tools, and technology necessary to carry out Environmental Site Assessment both efficiently and accurately.